Eri Oka
Name Eri Oka
Kanji 浅井(あさい)
Gender Female Female
Ability Memory Manipulation via Eye Contact
First Appearance
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Eri Oka (岡 絵里 Oka Eri)

Kei and Misora's junior in their high school. Her ability is memory manipulation via eye contact; if she maintains eye contact with a person for 5 seconds, she can change the person's memories - inserting or deleting memories that she wants, thus making her able to 'seal' other people's abilities as she can make them forget how to use their abilities. Originally, she was known as Eri Fujikawa, but after meeting Kei, who helped her escape from her abusive father, she took her mother's maiden name. She changed herself after the event, proclaiming that she wants to be more powerful and capable than Kei leading to her being hostile against Kei, but not truly hating him. Her name is read the same as "okaeri" - a Japanese phrase meaning "Welcome home".

History Edit

Eri Oka previouslt known as Eri Fujiwara had a abusive father.

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