Kei Asai
Name Kei Asai
Kanji 浅井(あさい) ケイ
Aliases Kei (by Misora)
Gender Male Male
Ability Memory Retention
Age Around 16
Family Asai household
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Japanese Kaito Ishikawa
Image Gallery

Kei Asai (浅井 ケイ Asai Kei) is the main protagonist of Sakurada Reset series. He has Memory Retention which helps him retain and recall any part of his memory at any time, even when Misora uses her Reset ability or when his memories are manipulated. Sumire Soma's helps him meet Misora.

Appearance Edit

He is tall and slender with bluish black color hair and eyes.

Personality Edit

He is very good in observing and grasping the situation. He is quick in making decisions, even if he hesitates a bit he won't drag it and take his own time. He is shown to be kind but he himself refers it to as his own selfishness which makes it look like kindness and hypocrisy to others. He joins the Service Club in their middle school and high school.

History Edit

Kei came to Sakurada when he was in still in elemetary school. That day, he took a train to Sakurada on his own. He met a member of the Bureau who handed him a phone with the Witch connected. The Witch told Kei that if he comes to Sakurada, he will never be able to leave and see his family again. Kei rejected her warning as he is curious to see the special abilities found in Sakurada.

When arrived, his keyholder broke. The member of the Bureau fixed it with his ability. Excited to see more, Kei quickly left the station to explore. Soon, Kei found out that he has awakened an ability: Memory Retention. He soon came in contact with the Bureau formally, making a contract with them. As a result, he is to stay and live in Sakurada forever. Kei was ready to face what the future brings him.

Then, Kei experienced the effects of a Reset ability for the first time, bringing him back to the station.

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Misora Haruki Edit

Kei is classmate of Misora since middle school and has known her from middle school up to currently in high school. They first meet on rooftop of their middle school due to Souma's arrangement and later Misora acknowledges Kei for his effort in saving someone using Misora's ability and completely trusts Kei and his decisions.

The two then became a couple after the incident of Souma's death (After reviving Souma).

Trivia Edit

  • Kei Asai's Ability weakness is not known
  • Kei likes sweet food.

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