Misora Haruki
Name Misora Haruki
Kanji 春埼美空(はるき みそら)浅井(あさい)
Gender Female Female
Ability Reset
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Japanese Kana Hanazawa
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Misora Haruki (春埼 美空 Haruki Misora)

One of the main characters. She possesses the ability to 'reset' the town of Sakurada for a maximum of three days, she must first 'save' at a specific time, after which, when she uses her Reset, the town of Sakurada will return to the saved time. A Reset can be done once per Save, and after a Reset, a Save can only be done 24 hours later. Her ability is not going back in time, but a literal reset; everything is reverted to its original state when the save was made. As a result, her own memories of the time between a Save and a Reset are also gone. This made her ability useless because she herself have no idea what she wants to change before committing a Reset, and everything will just repeat what happened before. The only person who can remember the events before the Reset is Kei.

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