Sumire Sōma
Name Sumire Sōma
Kanji 浅井(あさい)相麻菫(そうま すみれ)
Gender Female Female
Ability Precognition
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Japanese ゆうき あおい
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Sumire Sōma (相麻 菫 Sōma Sumire).

A female classmate who was a victim during a Reset. Her ability is precognition based on a person's memories and emotions - she can 'see' an individual's future up to an unspecified point of time, and requires a conversation with a subject to function. The ability is strong enough that she starts to lose her sense of self after she discovers her ability. The future that she sees is not absolute either as they can change depending on external influences on the individual. Her suicide early in the series becomes the trigger that sets into motion the events of the series.

Later she returns as the successor to "The Witch", for her ability to see the future. Being revived by Kei Asai, Misora Haruki, Youka Murase and Yousuke Sakagami, with the help of skill of Hiroyuki Sasano.

Appearence Edit

She is skinny, low, has short hair, and has brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Soma is extremely intelligent and insightful possibly due to her precognition ability.

Historia Edit

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