Witch (魔女 Majō)
An elderly woman who has the ability to see the future. The Bureau keeps her confined for their use and thus she is treated as a 'tool'. She doesn't tell Kei her name and instead tells him to call her a 'Witch' instead. She and Sasano were in a relationship but separated once the Bureau found out about her ability. It is hinted that she's the one that orchestrated the events of the series due to her influence on Kei when he was younger. Her ability is simulation rather than precognition allowing her to perform very accurate simulations of events that will happen in Sakurada. Misora's Reset ability can't affect it simply because Reset itself is already a factor in any simulated events. However, the simulations she performs are not certain and can be influenced by certain unknown factors that she does not foresee. It is hinted that Sumire's precognition ability can affect her simulations.
Name Witch
Kanji 浅井(あさい)
Gender Female Female
Ability Precognition
First Appearance
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