Youka Murase
Name Youka Murase
Kanji 村瀬陽香(むらせ ようか)
Gender Female Female
Ability Erase
First Appearance
Anime Episode 3
Japanese Tina Tamashiro
Image Gallery

Yōka Murase (村瀬 陽香 Murase Yōka)

A young woman with the ability to apply an 'erase' capability to anything. The requirement is she must first state the target of the ability, the object/phenomena to be 'erased', and make physical contact with the target. For example, stating the target to be her hands and the object to be erased as a wall would apply the ability to her hands and enable her to erase a part of a wall with it.

History Edit

Her brother was a member of the Administration Bureau and is now deceased due to unmentioned circumstances, leading Yoka to swear revenge on the Administration Bureau for being involved in the events regarding her brother's death.

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Asai Kei Edit

At first, Youka threatened Kei to do as she wanted from saving a cat to joining forces in order to take down the Bureau on the week they first met. Soon, Kei fights her and traumatizes her.

From then on, Youka co-operates with his requests and becomes trusted comrades.

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